Source Code (2011)


Director: Duncan Jones

Synopsis:  Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhall) a helicopter pilot in the Afghanistan War, awakes on a train.  He soon finds out that he is part of a simulation of a train that exploded earlier in the day outside of Chicago.  His job is to find the bomber on the train so that further disaster can be averted.  He relives the situation in 8 minute increments over and over until he can locate the bomber.

Review:  I was excited to see this movie because of its pedigree — Duncan Jones also directed the low budget hard sci-fi film Moon.  The premise for the movie is pretty cool.  There are obvious references to Groundhog Day in that Captain Stevens must relive the same moments over and over in 8 minute increments.  There are definitely some twist and turns along the way and some great examples of the director not giving you all of the information, which cause for some great reveals. Overall, however, I feel that the movie falls a little flat.  It fails to use the 8-minute repeated structure in a useful way.  We don’t necessarily see Captain Stevens using the information that he learns along the way to find the killer — much like a mystery, but rather each time he tries a new approach and one eventually works.  Also it feels as though the climax comes a little too early and easily — leaving the denoument a little too drawn out and limp.



3 responses to “Source Code (2011)

  1. I can’t wait to see this movie, I do think I will have to watch it on my own tho. I just watched a movie called the 9th company. This movie portrays a bunch of Russian Marines from boot camp to the Afghanistan battle fields. The move was in sub titles. The video and sound were quite good. The Director was Fyodor Bondarchuk and was shot in 2005. I give this won 3 bags of unburnt popcorn

  2. I just watched two movies. 127 hours and Faster! I liked both. I’m sure I’ll go into more detail in future posts. I will say a little something about 127 hours. The shots in this movie were really unique, I think the editing was a little quick at times but being able to see what a mouth looks like from the inside of a water bottle made up for it!

    Two tongues up!

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