127 HOURS Review

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Synopsis: James Franco stars as 127 Hours’ true-life subject, Aaron
Ralston, a twenty-something uber-jock. Ralston goes solo into a Utah
wilderness seeking adventure. He finds out why the buddy system is
recommended when he ends up stuck in a canyon, unable to get help. He
records his thoughts on video while contemplating his life.

Review: I went into this film because I arrived at the theater too late
to miss the beginning of the film I intended to see. As an outdoorsy type
but certainly no jock, I didn’t immediately relate to the arrogant “hero”
as he went deep into increasingly-desolate wilderness. He got stuck so
early in the film I questioned how Boyle was going to hold my interest for
more than an hour of stucknes. He succeeded by bringing in the humanity
of Ralston’s reflections on family and friends. Franco’s Oscar-nominated
performance further aided in crafting a character I could relate to in
spite of his jokiness. I knew the story so was able to avoid watching the
grisly self-amputation scene, thankfully.

I’d recommend this film, but there’s no particular reason not to wait for
the video.

Trailer: http://youtu.be/OlhLOWTnVoQ?hd=1+


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