Innocent Voices (2004)


Director: Luis Mandoki

Synopsis:  An 11 year old boy (Carlos Padilla) is in between a revolutonary war in El Salvador. During the 12 years of war between the army and the guerrilla  children are forced to enlist in the army, civilian casualities arise day to day and the civilians freedom is taken away.


Review:  I came across this film as a recommendation from Netflix. The cinematography is excellent and the development of the movie is great and taking in consideration the fact that is base on a true story makes it even more interesting.  The movie is narrated from Carlos Padilla’s life describing the attrocities from the corruption of the Salvadorian government and military; to the military training to children from the USA army.  Yet, the movie lacks very important topics such as a deeper view towards the guerrilla and the revolutonary war.

Rated: R
Rate: 4 out of 5 popcorns.  


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