The Slayers: The Motion Picture


I don’t watch a lot of anime and this was the first series I got into it’s very similar to D&D with partys and spells that have to power to destroy the world. I just finished watching the first season of the amime released in 1995 and I really enjoyed it. It was sirious and had a good feeling of comedy every episode. It was very eventful something that annoys me about anime is unnessisarily long spurts of dialog but this one was funny and strait to the point. Overall I enjoyed the anime quite a bit so I went out on internet serches to try to watch the first movie which is a prequal to the first season of the anime so naturally I thought it would be really cool. It wasn’t.

The first and biggest problem I had with it was the voice actress for the main hero, Lina Inverse, was different from the TV series it was annoying and the voice cracked a lot. This may be a prequal, but I had a preoblem with none of the characters from the series were present in the entire movie. The could have put some of them in there it wouldn’t have been hard. The animation itself didn’t seem as good as the actual anime it may have been because I was watching the movie on youtube and not netflix, like I was the amime, but it just didn’t look as good. The movie was short it runs at 65 minutes and thats not enough time to tell a good backstory or lead in to your sourse matiral which it didn’t do at all. There wasn’t very much action and when there was it was predictable there was a lot of talking in it that wasn’t engaging and didnt mean anything and all the epic action scenes that were there were rip offs of the anime the way they kill the last guy is the same way they killed last guy in the anime so its also unoriginal in that sence. 

Overall its not that bad of a movie I have seen way worse I was just dissapointed it didn’t live up to the first anime I wanted to watch all the way though and actually make a bond with the characters. So don’t watch the movie watch the actual anime.


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