Easy A (2010)


Director: Will Gluck

Synopsis: Olive is a straight-A student at her high school, a teacher’s favorite, and a beloved daughter in a happy suburban home in Southern California. The only thing she lacks is recognition. She’s not exactly the most popular girl at her school, and no one seems to even notice she’s alive. But when a completely obscure and incorrect rumor explodes throughout the school, ruining her flawless reputation, she does the oposite of what most people would, she embraces the floosey image that everyone has made her out to be. Feeling connected to Hester, the main character of her current english book, The Scarlet Letter, she embroiders a large red “A” on all her clothing. But soon enough, she begins to regret her descision as her grades fall, she loses her friends, and the one guy she does like begins to think less of her.

Review: Rom-coms usually aren’t my kind of movie, but Emma Stone has become one of my favorite actressess over the past year or so, so I thought I’d give it a try. It’s definitly not for the younger audience, as there is some pretty raunchy language, but the overall film is thoroughly enjoyable. The writing isn’t exactly full of “twists” but it never really does what you’re expecting to happen, which is wonderful for a romantic-comedy. The actors are all fantastic, especially those that make up her family (her little adopted brother is particularly adorable). It’s one of those films that isn’t a masterpiece, but certainly leaves you feeling good as you come out of the theater. It’s very comparable to 2004’s Mean Girls, but has a much better story-arch, is much more believable, and infinitly more impressive writing.

I’d recommend this film and give it a 7.5/10 (which is good for me, I promise)


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