Insidious (2011)


This was the first modern horror film I have seen in a while the last was Parinormal Activity, and despite all the mixed reviews, I liked it so I was pretty confident going into this one. The film starts with a family moving into a new home, just as they are getting settled in one of this kids, Dolten, is found in a coma. The doctors have no idea why. 3 months later weird things start happening around the house first starting out with weird noises shortly followed random popups of people scaring the **** out of you. The family of 5 decides to move out of the “Haunted House”. As they are moving into the new house the mom starts seeing the same figures from the other house going into dolten’s room. So they decide to call in some parinormal excperts, they do a couple tests get the **** scared out of them and bring in the lady that is a professional at seeing them. They find out that this child can bassicly go into a dream world and can do anything he wants and got traped in it. Not a lot of people can do this and the only other one is that dad. So he has to go into this world they call “The Further” and rescue his son.

I’ll stop there on the basics of the story it’s a pretty predictable ending anyway. I thought this movie was the definition on O.K. it got some good scares out of me. It did what it was ment to do it was entertaining enough to sit through and it scared me pretty good a couple times. Overall it was pretty forgettable but I would recommend it to a horror movie fan but not the movie of choice I would spend 11 bucks on.


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