The Lovely Bones


This film is a rendition of the book by Alice Sebold, “The Lovely Bones”, which hit the shelves in 2002. It is a story of Susie Salmon, a young teenage girl living in a typical town with her parents and sibilings. At thirteen, she was going through all the normal things a typical everyday girl her age goes through – including a boy at school who has mutual feeling for Susie in which the akward, yet exciting ‘first date’ was planned for the weekend.
    Susie was very excited when she was walking home from school and decided to take a shortcut – not the typical route she usually took – through a large field which was not her normal route home – when she ran into her neighbor, a quiet man that lived alone that didn’t seem to be overly social nor an unpleasant person. He made some small talk and told her about an underground hangout he built that he thought would be fun for the neighborhood kids, and wanted her to come take a look at it, with the intent to rape and kill the girl…. which he did. The rest of the movie focuses on Susie watching her family and friends from heaven as they try to find her, and when police find evidence of her death, the new focus was trying to find the killer, ultimately tearing the family apart.
    In 2009, a popular director Peter Jackson, who is well known for directing the “Lord Of The Rings” trilogy forever making a permanent mark in the film industry. Unfortunately, “The Lovely Bones” didn’t do justice to the chart topping novel. It seems that Peter Jackson was going for more of an ethereal and thought provoking film with the intent that the audience could relate and connect with the characters in the film, making a lasting impression which is what ever director strives to achieve. Instead, the film was more like a cross between a Hallmark Movie, and mediocre drama you would see on HBO.
    The film was not a total failure, as it received both  good and not-so-good reviews; none being terrible, and none being excellent. An acadamy award nominationfor Best Supporting Actor went to Stanley Tucci for his role of the neighbor that raped and killed Susie Salmon. Mark Wahlberg played Susie’s father, who had a special relationship with Susie. His grieving was ultimately the destruction of the family. Being that Mark Wahlberg played in the film, probably had a great deal to do with part of the film’s overall success.
    I give this film a 6 out of 10 as it really was not up to my expectations as I watched it after I had read the book. However, I don’t consider it a complete failure and would recommend it as a decent movie that is worth watching on a rainy day.

=0)   Nichelle Adair


More Information about the film can be found here:


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