Two movies were created in attempts to tell the story of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. This movie – the better of the two, was created in 2003. Rachel York portrays Lucille Ball. This story is about Lucy’s life up until ‘The Moustache’, the last episode of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour aired in 1961. Danny Pino plays a great Desi Arnaz and seems very in touch with his character. Rachel York also plays a great Lucy but just doesn’t exactly measure as she is just not Lucy. But all in all, the set was great in creating a 1920-1960 feel throughout the movie and for having such huge shoes to fill – was all in all a success. ESPECIALLY when compared to the early film about their life.


One response to “Lucy

  1. Lol…. Isn’t Lucy just one of your favorite screen characters.. she’s mine. It’s funny the very first thing I was ever grounded for was getting caught staying up wa—-y past my bedtime after being told not to do it again like 5 times. Every time I was of course watching I Love Lucy.

    It’s true, I do LOVE Lucy.

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