It’s Kind Of A Funny Story 2010

Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck

This is a story about a depressed teenager who insted of jumping off a bridge rides his bike to the hospital and asks to be commited. Once inside he relizes that the teen wing is closed for renovations so he will be housed with the adults. This puts some perspective on his own problems. He mistakenly thinks that the doctors will be able to give him some sort of “quick fix”. He is mandated to stay for a full 5 days giving him time to come to terms with his issues.
This film was not that great in my humble opinion. I felt that it put that fluffy Hollywood spin on some serious teen depresion issues and wrapped them all up in a nice shiny bow. As the parent of a teenage boy myself, I was compleatly underwhelmed by the reaction of the parents to their son’s situation. I am normally a fan of both Zack Galifianakis and Jim Gaffigan, I truly enjoy their off-putting sense of humor. But their preformance in this movie just compleatly fell flat for me. All in all this film was so so. It had some akwardly funny moments but none were laugh out loud funny.


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