intro post

Just so every one here knows where i’m coming from on my movie reviews, here is a little back round on my likes and what i look for in a film. first off I’ll start off with my favorite movies. I love corny comedies, for instance anything directed by Mel Brooks or If the main character is will ferrel.  So top 2 will be blazing saddles and anchor man. my next favorite genre is epic action films such as gladiator, the 300, or brave heart.  what i look for when I’m watching a comedy is wheather its funny without being way too over the top, it also obviously must make me laugh.  while watching action movies i look for a good story with good actors. the cinematography is very important for these films too. thanks for reading.




One response to “intro post

  1. Greetings,

    My name is Steve Allen. I enjoy watching many types of movies, action, adventure, thrillers, horror. But if I where hard-pressed to define a favorite genre, I would have to say sci-fi, I really love the concept of futuristic realities, alien worlds, and incredible technologies. I also find it fascinating that science fiction so closely resembles science fact at times, If I where a director or writer of such creations, it would seem that my work is halfway done for me!

    Thanks , Steve

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