Promised Land


Directed By Gus Van Sant

Steven Buttler played by Matt Damon, who is a sale rep for a natural gas company that goes to a small farm community with his partner Sue to try and buy drilling rights on farms in the community Steven (Damon) at first believes he is doing the right thing and helping the town recover from their economic decline. But latter after another man from Global (the natural gas company) comes into town pretending to be an activist from a group call Athena Steven starts to see some truth to the lie and believes the drilling may be toxic to the farms and he decides to take a stand.

Promised Land was a pretty good movie I though it was well directed and had good actors. of the movies I have seen in theater recently it was one of the better movies. Although it had a few corny characters it was over all good.

Gus Van Stant has done some pretty good films my favorite is still Good Will Hunting which Matt Damon also played in I wouldn’t say this was as good as that but it was not to bad. I would say Gus Van Stant has made some great movies and a few not so much.


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