Zero Dark Thirty

This week I went and saw Zero dark thirty.  Its directed by Kathryn Bigelow. This movie is about how we found Bin Laden. Its based off the true accounts of this story.  the main character, maya, played by jessica chastain is a ruthless, smart type that will try to always get what she wants. the movie starts out with 9/11 and the aftermath and beginning to maya learning how to interrogate prisoners of high interest to find bin laden. the movie goes on with showing her process and how she ultimately finds her target.

This movie wasnt the best Ive seen in a while. i have lots of us pride but i feel this story could have been told differently. to start off the movie is almost 3 hours long and in my personall opinion you have to have a lot of action or excitement to keep someones attention for that long. I dont believe that they fulfilled that which kind of made it boring or strung out in places.  the other reason i didnt necisarrily like this movie was they had a lot of information to try and fit in in that period of time and made it feel like everything was hurried. they should have consentrated on the more important moments rather than try and get it all out there.  my one praise of this movie would be the final scene where they attacked the house. the filming and action sequence made it feel very lifelike and not like a a typical movie action scene.


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