Dinotopia (2002)

Dinotopia (2002)

Directed by Marco Brambilla

Dinotopia is a  3 episode mini series movie that is base on the book Dinotopia written by American author James Gurney. Two young boys, Carol and David Scott and their father went out for a short plane flight, however, ended up having a plane wreck resulting in them all sinking. The two boys escape near death experiences of drowning down with the plane and swam up ashore to an excluded island soon discovering it to be Dinotopia. Carol disbelieving of what had just happen to them denies accepting Dinotopia while David on the other hand decides to go with the flow of what Dinotopia have for them. In the end, it is up to Carol and David to help find the Sun stone , the only light and hope for Dinotopia, to save the Dinotopians and Waterfall City from being destroy by the Pterodactly. However, the Dinotopians live in a world that do not believe or talk about the secret world of the underneath. Carol, David and Marriam the daughter of the Lord of Waterfall city, broke all the rules of Dinotopia to discover the secret world of underneath in order to save the city.

Dinotopia is a good movie to sit down and watch with your family, especially if you have young little ones. I think the movie was great. It was adventurous and thrilling at the same time. I like how Marco Brambilla, did a good job on making sure that the viewers can experience the thrill of when the David was flying on the Pteranodon. It seems like such fun and gave me the feeling of when riding a roller coaster when David rode on the Pteranodon and steered it like a car. The scenes of the movie where all so beautiful, they seem like scenes from a child’s imaginary dream. Almost every scene of the movie I loved, however, except for that when you watch the movie you can tell that the dinosaurs didn’t look as surreal. By just one look you can tell that the dinosaurs were more of cartoon dinosaurs. Other than that I loved the theme, the actors, and the special effects that they had on the movie. These all related to the movie and brought out the idea of the story clearly and greatly. I would relate the feeling of when watching this movie to a roller coaster ride at a theme park or at Six Flag.


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