Malice in Wonderland (2009)

Director: Simon Fellows


Our movie begins with a beautiful young woman running from two men down
the tunnels of London. She briefly stops in front of a homeless woman to offer
up some change and ask her if she knows where Humley street is located that her
mom lives there. The woman said she knew someone who lived there once as we
hear the men approach Alice runs off again up a stairwell into the street only
to be hit by a taxi.

The cabby obviously late for engagement is a nervous chap who seems uncaring
that he just hit a woman and stands above yelling for her to stand. Only when
two elderly passerby’s say they saw the whole thing does he lift Alice into the
cab and takes off. We see a white rabbits foot dangle from the rear view mirror
and learn his name is Whitey and that Alice cannot remember her name or
anything about herself due to being hit by a taxi. He offers her some medicine
from his bag which is labeled “for your head”.

He takes her with him to the underland where he is picking up a tie at a shady
part of town.

This is where Alice awakens after taking the first pill “for your
head” to see Ratty stealing her purse. She goes in pursuit and meets her
first group of unsavory characters. The Dodo who is a street criminal of
minimal intelligence that makes it by by enlisting others of fewer intelligence
than he.

After leaving the docks and Whitey missing his shipment he is even more nervous
and tells Alice of Harry and his coming out party in the underworld that
evening and that anyone who is anyone wanting to be a big time criminal is
getting him elaborate gifts. Whitey misses his chance to get his tie and Alice
suggests a cake. Later Alice and Harry agree to go their separate ways as Harry
leaves Alice at a bus stop in the middle of the night not knowing when it will
come next.

Whitey then visits the one person he know would intercept his gift and
confronts her about it suggesting she return the tie and give Harry a cake
instead. Only to agree that the two of them will share the tie and cake as
their gifts.

Alice takes two more pills “for your head” and passes out in a phone
booth. When we see her awake she tries to call the police. As she hangs up she
sees a pimped up car pull up as the window is rolled down a huge plume of smoke
rolls out as well. She then meets a man with many of his teeth either rotted or
filled and he pulls her into his vehicle as the police round the corner. The
car is saturated with smoke and a whore is riding in the back. They both talk
in rhyme as they ditch the police and bring Alice to the one who can help her
along her way.

Whitey learns Alice is worth ten million dollars to her father and decides to
go back for her only to discover she is gone and not in the bus.

Alice meets the woman who Whitey has struck the gift deal with. She is called
the Duchess and seeks information since she refuses to leave her home to find
it she gets it from others or from her cameras she has situated through the
underworld. Alice learns some from her as well and get her ticket to Harry’s
party where she knows she will find Whitey.

The Duchess also tells Alice to follow the red light which she does and lands
herself in a truck stop greasy spoon.

Here she meets Ratty’s twin brother and after a short conversation she pops
another pill and passes out once again. When she wakes she discovers her hair
has been crimped and dyed underneath and she has been put into a skimpy outfit.
She learns an unsavory woman has done this with the intention of giving her a
“job”. Alice refuses and tries to ask for a ride from the truckers
present when she is directed to a sign that reads “No free rides”.
Alice tries to offer money but the lady says she owes her for the hair do as
Alice tries to inform her she never asked for it she is being dragged out by a
trucker who already paid for time with her. Alice throws a television on his
head and steals the truck with the other prostitutes in it. At this time Whitey
finds her and saves her from the trucker.

Whitey tells her that he knows who she is and that her dad has offered a reward
for her. He takes her to a motel and she pops another pill and passes out. The
Dodo finds them knocks Whitey out and steals Alice to give to Harry.

Harry in his club of Hearts is surrounded by gifts and a transvestite called
Joe. We learn then that Harry is the baddest of the bad who runs everything in
underland. He informs Alice that he will be brokering the deal with her dad for
her “safe” return for double what he has offered and informs Alice if
he does not pay he will have her murdered.

Whitey awakens and learns where Alice is and goes to honor Harry with his gift
a large cake with his Thai. The Thai of course being a woman with one special
attribute that excites Harry for she is a hermaphrodite. Harry is impressed but
angry with Whitey for keeping Alice a secret to which Whitey does some fast
talking which ends with the Dodo getting shot. Just when you think Whitey will
get Alice out alive in walks the woman from the truck stop yelling that Alice
stole her prostitutes.

The whole thing takes a turn for the insane when Harry announces a trial and
Alice proceeds to talk very intelligently and over his head. Thanks to her fast
thinking she calls for DJ Chester who informs her he will give her back 15
seconds she lost when she stopped to pay the homeless woman. She calls Harry a
“Queen” further enraging him and says she wants it now. Time stops
she runs and tries to grab for the frozen Whitey. When time begins again Whitey
is shot and killed. Alice winds up back where she started with the woman who
said she told she would get that time again a confused Alice sees herself and
bolts up to the street. Stopping a surprised Whitey and kissing him. She does
some fast talking and mentions money to which he agrees to take her to Humley
street. She fades back to her original clothing only to further confuse the
past Whitey.

When Alice arrives on Humley street she learns her rich parents from America
actually bought her from a woman there in London and after the woman riddled
with guilt drank herself into oblivion. Alice asks where the woman is now only
to learn she is the same woman she stopped to give change to. She goes back to
the woman who then also realizes who Alice is..

The scene ends with the two of them talking about unconditional love in the


This is a visually stunning movie. The raw dark underground world of
drugs and crime is brought out in a colorful mind bending adventure. The movie
deals with strong themes of sex, crime and drugs that lead you to wonder how
much of this is real and how much of it is a dream or a drug trip. Alice runs
into a menagerie’ of criminals that help her realize who she really is and what
she wants from her life. Her sense of loss of her own identity not only through
a car accident but what we later learn is the root of the movie trying to find
her birth mom has her running against and fighting typical themes many women
face in our society. Such as if you have sex out of marriage or with more than
one man you must be a slut and if you enjoy it you are obviously a whore. Then
there is the who do you trust factor, the elderly woman who is a bit eccentric
and off her rocker, the kind but obviously money motivated man, or the drugged
out philosopher and his whore? The writer has you believing looks are deceiving
and so is what comes out of their mouth that only ones actions are truly
defining a person. The end has Alice coming out as the heroine saving not only
herself but Whitey as well. She finds what she is looking for but not in the
nice neat package she was expecting but do to her adventure or misadventure she
became prepared to accept it anyhow.



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