The Lorax 2012


Directed by

Chris Renaud and Kyle Balda

This movie is a remake of a classic children’s book by Dr. Seuss written in 1971. It tells the story of a young man named Ted who lives in a heavily controlled society that everyone believes is perfect but aside from the residents is completely fake. He falls for a young woman named Audrey who wants nothing more in life than to see a real tree. This sends Ted on in adventure that leads him to The Once-ler. The Once-ler tells the tale of the Truffula Tree and how he is to blame for its fall.

This is one of my favorite children’s books. The story has always worn its deep environmental message on its sleeve and this movie did not disappoint in that aspect. The songs were so catchy you couldn’t help but sing their rotten to the core lyrics. I enjoyed how this movie expands on the original story and takes it even deeper into the environmental battle and tackles the sick irony of paying for fresh air.



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