Uncle Buck (1989)

Director: John Hughes

Synopsis: An overweight, unemployed Uncle is called to babysit his brothers kids when a sudden family emergency comes up. With no experience babysitting and the slob like nature of his past, he is a complete wreck in the beginning only to become an awesome Uncle who wins the hearts of family and instills confidence in himself in the end.

Review: One of the funniest heart warming films of all time in my opinion. John Candy is at his best in this film.  I will never forget the scene in which he uses a snow shovel to flip an enormous pancake. Or how about when he introduces himself to the vice principal of his Neice’s school as Buck Melanoma, Moley Russles Wart. I almost died laughing. Here is that clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEt5dEOcW0I

Bottom Line. Seriously good movie and would highly recommend to anyone who has not seen it.


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