Broken City, 2013


Allen Hughes


The major of New York City played by no other than Russell Crowe, hires a disgraced ex-cop Billy Taggart, to identify his wife’s secret lover. All in all this thriller is about a private eye who gets into trouble when a mayor hires him to investigate his unfaithful wife. When the mayor offers Billy $50,000 to expose his wife’s infidelities, the offer is too good to pass up for Billy. By the time the majors true intentions slowly uncover, Billy is already in too deep. Now, with his freedom on the line, Billy risks all in a desperate bid to expose the truth while seeking redemption in a city where a second hand chance wont come cheap.


This movie takes place during the week leading up to the mayoral election. Billy is an ex-cop and recovering alcoholic. After he attends the premieres of an independent film starring his actress girlfriend played by Natalie Martinez, he goes crazy at the after-party after watching her over the top love scene with her co-star. I felt as if this movie was full of amusing overacting. It was something I would relate to a typical hollywood thrill from around the 80’s. I found this movie to be frustrating at times because deep underneath all the sloppiness, there lyes a potentially compelling tale of government corruption. The opening prologue of the movie is set seven years back. The scene takes place in a courtroom where you see police detective Billy defending himself against charges that say he murdered a perpetrator. This was a broken movie for me. I mean, someone needs to call out Crowe struggling on that “New Yawk” accent, and that disastrous spray tan. This wasn’t one of those movies I felt impressed by. The movie plot was typical, the acting was pretty mediocre and I started yawning half hour into it. I couldn’t believe I wasted money on tickets. This was the sort of movie I could find on HBO if I were to flip on my t.v at home on a Sunday night. Thumbs down for me!


Broken City Movie


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