Gangster Squad 2013

Gangster squad was directed by Ruben Fleischer. It is based in Los Angeles in 1949. Notorious Gangster Mickey Cohen, played by Sean Penn, basically owned all of Los Angeles and has ties with the police, politics, and people all over the city. Josh Brolin plays Sgt. John O’Mara, a city cop that is always sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Sgt. O’Mara is sick of Cohen’s gang running the city and he decides to put together a team of cops that will forget the rules of their badge and attack Cohen one front at a time. They are very successful until they finally track down Mickey Cohen.

I highly recommend this movie. It is very action packed throughout the entire movie. Sean Penn does an exceptional job at acting as this powerful and sometime psychotic gangster. It has the kind of basic good cop super hero kind of story but it’s very interesting because it’s a true story and the casting selection is excellent. Ruben Fleischer is well known for his movie Zombieland, but I didn’t find his style in the two movies to be similar because Zombieland is a far fetched comedy and Gangster Squad was a serious action packed drama.

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