The Blind Side (2009)

The Blind Side (2009)

Directed by: John Lee Hancock
Starring: Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron
This film is based on Michael Lewis’ 2006 book “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game.” It tells the story of offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens Michael Oher.
Michael is 17 when the film begins. He has been in the foster care system mot of his life since his mother has a drug addiction. Michael does not like any of his foster homes and runs away every time he is placed in a new family. He ends up sleeping on his friend’s father’s couch. The father helps get Michael enrolled in Wingate Christian School where the football coach notices Michael’s athletic ability. Despite Michael’s record, the coach, Burt Cotton, helps Michael get admitted to the school as well.

Michael makes friends with a guy named “SJ” at the school. SJ’s mother Leigh Anne Tuohy notices that Michael intends to sleep outside the gym because he has no other place to stay. Leigh invites Michael to stay at the Tuohy’s house instead of sleeping outside. After Michael is invited to thanksiving dinner, he becomes a part of the Tuohy’s family. The movie continues as Leigh tries to become Michael’s legal guardian and Michael must raise his grades in order to play football.

The actors and actresses were incredible in this movie. It was moving and compelling. I have not read the real story to see if the movie accurately reflects the real story of Michael Oher. There is something about movies like this that inspire us. There are many in the same position as Michael who can be motivated by this film that if they work hard they can achieve their dreams despite their past.


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