The Lovely Bones (2009)

The Lovely Bones (2009)

Directed by Peter Jackson

The Lovely Bones (2009) is a phenomenal film based on the award winning best 2002 selling novels by Alice Sebold. When a 14 year old Pennsylvania girl, Susie Salmon, with extraordinary dreams of becoming a photographer finally gets a note from her teenage crush Ray Singh asking her on a date things changed for the Salmon family dramatically. After receiving a note from Ray asking her for a date on the upcoming Saturday, surprisingly and excited Susie decided to take a short cut home from school. Susie walked home from school through the cornfield behind their neighborhood excitedly and happy, little did she knew that her neighbor George Harvey had have his eyes on her for a while, was in the cornfield digging an underground hole to lure her in. When Susie came across George, he invited Susie to check out his underground hole that he claimed was built for the children of the neighborhood. As Susie was in the underground den, she started to feel uncomfortable with George in there and started to have a weird feeling about it. She decided to leave, but then George started getting violent and didn’t want her to leave. Susie fought her way out of den by elbowing George in the face. In the meantime, Susie’s family started worrying about her not being home on time, and decided to go in search of her and letting the local policeman know about the problem. When Susie finally came across her father in town, she tried to call out for him and get in contact with him but then he doesn’t seem to notice nor hear her calling him and being there. From that point on Susie starts to encounter dream like visions of George, who tried to hurt her earlier and she her grieving family in pain. Susie also encounters many girls who had been victims of George Harvey. The girls who had been murdered by George became friends with Susie and try to explain to her about what has happen. In disbeliefs, Susie tries to contact her family once more time about her murderer and find her where about of her body before she goes to heaven, and find a way to contact Ray for one last time.

I love this movie so much, that I could watch it a million times. I read the novel twice and watched the movie like three or four times. The director Peter Jackson did an excellent job on directing the movie so it will be as detailed as the novel for his audience.  I like how he chooses the angles and shootings along with his lighting for the film. They made every scene of the film mystical. The remarkable style of Peter’s shooting in this film, shows me that it is his habit or style of shooting his films. Such as, “The Lord of the Ring, The Hobbit, and King Kong etc…” they are all filmed using similar lightings, to make the story line and the character’s personality, stand out and interesting throughout the whole film . When watching the film, I can actually base my feelings on Susie when she found out that she wasn’t alive. I can also base my feelings on her family who were grieving over the loss of her. The film was attention grabbing, especially after reading the novel, it makes it more interesting when watching the film. I would probably say that the film is worth my time of watching over and over for three or four times.

the lovely bones


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