Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Directed by: John Hughes

High-schooler Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) is pro at getting out of class and playing hooky. Determined to have one last “day off” before graduation, Ferris calls in sick and talks his best friend Cameron (Alan Ruck) into borrowing his father’s Ferrari. The boys get Bueller’s girlfriend Sloane out of school too by pretending her grandmother has passed away. The principal Rooney (Jeffrey Jones) is suspicious of Bueller’s actions and is determined to catch Bueller in the act of class-cutting. While the three friends are embarking on a crazy one-day adventure through the streets of Chicago, principal Rooney is hunting around for evidence to bust Bueller.

 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is one of my favorite movies because of the slapstick comedy and quotable lines. The film isn’t all humor, and makes some serious points about parental cruelties and status-seeking. Some of the comedy is unrealistic and a little over the top, but overall it is an exciting film that makes you wonder what will happen next. As seniors in high school, Bueller and his friends are trying to “find themselves” and just want a chance to explore the world around them and have a good time before they have to grow up. Everyone has felt this at one time or another, so you feel yourself rooting for Bueller and hoping that he won’t get caught. This film is definitely a classic, even if you aren’t one for goofy comedy. It is appropriate for the whole family, minus a few swear words thrown in here and there.


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