“Interview with the vampire” 1994

written by: Anne Rice

directed by:  Neil Jordan


I had seen this movie long ago, probably the year it came out , or a year after.  And it struck a chord back then, as a pinnacle movie in terms of iconography and presence in the whole “Goth”, “vampire”  youth genre back then, I was in the thick of it and of course the movie became a favorite of mine and my friends. Alas many years pass and I completely forget about the movie. Then I have the off handed chance, many years later, to read the book, overnight, a couple  days ago. Which of course compels me to watch the movie. A movie that once again proves its relevance, 19 years later.


The movie begins with a writer named Daniel Molloy, played by Christian Slater, about to do an on-tape interview with a man who claims to be a vampire. It soon becomes apparent the man is in fact a creature of the night, and begins  to weave a  tale of immortality that only an immortal could conceive.

The man’s name is Louis  de Pointe du Lac, played by Brad pitt. The tale unfolds as Louis speaks to Daniel of a depression over the death of his wife and child, driving him suicidal, and in that downward spiral, as he is about to be mugged and murdered, a vampire finds him, and rescues him into the arms of an entirely different death. He turns him into a vampire and he never sees the sun again.

At first Louis is resistant to the fact that he must prey on humans, and after a brief rebellion , where he temporarily frees himself of his maker, He is caught in a trap by Lestat in the form of a  vampire “daughter” played by Kirsten Dunst,  whom Lestat gives the dark gift to save her from the death Louis has  inflicted on her in his weakest moment. Basically forcing Louis to stay with him because he is still bound by human morals.

The movie progresses thirty years, and we find Claudia, the vampire child, still a child but inside she is a woman, and her and Louis  destroy Lestat, and flee to Europe, where they find a theatre of vampires, who play stage shows at a sepulchral theatre, as vampires pretending to be humans pretending to be vampires. Led by Armand, played by Antonio Bandares, this group of vampires discover that Claudia and Louis killed their maker, Lestat, a severe crime among the vampire coven.

At the climax , we find Louis and Claudia and her new consort ,Madeleine, played by Domiziana Giordano, a fresh vampire made by Louis for Claudia,  about to flee when  the unthinkable happens. The band of rebel vampires from the theatre, intent on bringing t justice Claudia and Louis abduct and imprison them. Claudia and Madeleine, her new companion, are trapped in a sun well, and burned to ash. Louis was sealed in an iron coffin upside down within a brick wall, and all was thought lost.


We return from the crisis to another climactic moment, as Armand frees Louis from the coffin. Armand could only try to save him he  says, and that does nothing to save the vampires of the theatre when Louis slays them all with a scythe and fire.

At this point Louis abandons Armand ,and travels the world,  and eventually returns home to New Orleans, where he finds Lestat, a mere  vestige of what he once was

He leaves him too, and finds his way to Daniel to tell him his story. In the end, Daniel misinterprets the message Louis  was giving him, and they part on bad terms.  The last scene depicts Daniel driving away, and Lestat rising from the back seat, he grabs and bites Daniel, and we are left with him informing Daniel of his forthcoming vampirism, and an awesome Guns and Roses cover of the Stones.

In my opinion, this is an awesome movie, it is beautifully dark, and rich, the characters struggles are extremely well played out, and the suspense is great, the scene when Louis is freed by Armand is very gripping, Brad Pitt pulls an excellent face to make you really anticipate what he is going to do next, and Armand is equally conceivable, in his remorse



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