The Business of Being Born (2008)

This is a documentary about the healthcare system in the United States, specifically obstetrics. It criticizes the business form and mindset of birth in the United States and reveals the hidden agenda behind it. The main point of this documentary is to compare and contrast Obstetrics and hospital birth to Midwifery.  It gives an inside view into Midwifery by following around a Midwife, Cara, as she delivers several home births. The film does show the births.

Many mothers are interviewed, even a few who have experienced hospital and home births. Their perspective of hospital births compared to their natural home birth are interesting and reveal a lot about our health care. This film gives the history of hospital birth as well as Midwifery and how both have transformed in the past 100 years. Ultimately this film points out the shocking fact that C-sections and other medical procedures are so prominent because obstetrics has shifted its focus onto time management rather than the mother. In contrast, midwifery focuses on the mother and baby rather than technology. 

This film is very educational. It gives a new perspective and deeper understanding in healthcare. There is always a hidden agenda. This film points out very devastating truths about the actual focus of hospital births. It is sad that something so sacred and incredible has been and is treated so terribly. Regardless of whether or not you are pro-natural child birth, you should know what you are getting yourself into in a hospital birth. This film is very eye- opening.  


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