hellboy 2





HELLBOY 2:  The Golden Army (2008)

(written and directed by: Guillermo del Toro)

 Hellboy is a character based on the character by Mike Mignola of  Dark Horse comics. The movie In question is part two in the movie franchise.  Hellboy 2 the golden army is not only a cool action movie, and a powerful hero’s quest, but The film also showcases the mind of Mexican art genius Guillermo del Toro, the man behind the art style of movies such as Pans labyrinth (2006),  The Devil’s Backbone (2001), and even Wesley snipes vampire-romp Blade 2 (2002) , as well as a few novels as well. Few know this but Guillermo del Toro was actually hired by Peter Jackson to do the live action adaptation of J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit, but Del Toro signed off on the project because of financial reasons.

The internal plot revolves around an ancient war between man and magic, a war for a long time being won by the humans, so the magic creatures make a deal with the master blacksmiths, goblins, that gives them an indestructible army of golden warriors. The tides of battle sway, and the races are forced into an uneasy truce. Man will keep the cities, and the creatures of magic will keep the forests, and control of the golden army is severed and separated,  so the power of the army will never be wielded again.

The external plot consists of a group of characters who work for a super-secret government organization who specialize in supernatural encounters, Hellboy, the title character is  a demon, raised on earth, said to be the eventual fall of civilization , (played by Ron Perlman),  Doug Jones portrays  a super-intelligent empathic fish-man named Abe Sapien, the  German accented stuck-up vapor spirit inhabitant of  a diver suit ,Johann Krauss (played by John Alexander) , and Hellboy’s   girlfriend, an  emotional pyrokinetic hottie named Liz Sherman ( played by Selma Blair). Together these warriors  make their way to the final confrontation with the evil elven prince, Nauda, (played by Luke Gross). The major antagonist of the film, poised to activate the golden army once again and enslave what is left of the world after he ravages it.

We see a few cool battles as the movie progresses, a huge elemental attacks is busy downtown streets, and a near-death Hellboy ,and Liz seek council and help form a totally sinister, and awesome looking angel/oracle. An especially good scene, or sequence of scenes is when we follow  the group into  the troll market, where  we see many fine examples of the absolutely astounding level of creativity the director is know for. The final showdown features a very cool fight scene in which Hellboy battles against the golden army , and then finally Prince Nadau himself.

I really enjoyed this movie, at times it seemed predictable, but then the way the director sculpted the experience with his unique style really made all the trivial issues irrelevant. This movie made me want to go get the comic book! I give it a 4.8/5!.


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