Piranha (2010)

Piranha (2010)

Directed by Alexandre Aja

After an earthquake have shaken the floors of Lake Havasu, an ancient species of piranha have come to life and taken over the calming Lake Havasu. With these piranhas on the loose, it has turned the Lake into a deadly killing machine for water lovers. Especially, with spring break coming around the corner, the local sheriff would have to find a way to keep the teenage kids and adults that are planning their spring break on Lake Havasu to keep out of the water for their safety. Meanwhile the local sheriff’s son decides to make decisions for himself and risk his life to get in with a local pack of popular people out into the open water with his filming skills, not knowing how dangerous the water is. While in the open water he discovers his brother and sister both stranded on a small island waving and calling out for help. Knowing what consequences he will endure if his mother, the local sheriff, finds out that he wasn’t watching his brother and sister as he was supposed to and was hanging out with drug addicts, he convinced the head of the group to help him save his brother and sister which will leads them into more danger.

I thought the movie was thrilling! I got me sitting at the edge of my seat while watching it. I enjoyed watching the movie, and it gave me the chills watching all those piranhas attacks, however it gave me chuckles too, when the bodies were being recover from the water after the piranhas attack. I like how the movie was excited and attention grabbing along with comedic too. It equals out the scariness of the movie plot. There may be an evil attack of the piranhas, but then there will be a funny scene like down the road too. So it equals out the thrill and horror of the fill. Aja, has directed many horror films and all are equally terrifying. I love watching horror movies and this movie, Piranha, fits right into his category of directing movies. Although it wasn’t as terrifying as the others, I still think it was a good movie, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch it. Maybe give yourself a little excitement or tension in your body. I definitely enjoyed it!



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