Movie Blog: Week 8

Movie Blog: Week 8

Title: Devil (2010)
Synopsis: The movie begins with an unknown person committing suicide by jumping from a building narrated by Ramirez. Detective Bowden is called to the scene to aid in the investigation. Bowden is a recovering alcoholic devastated by the death of his wife and child in a hit-and-run accident by a driver who was never caught. At this point, five strangers, who have committed various crimes in the past, step onto an elevator located within the same building where the suicide has taken place.

There were five strangers include in the elevator. Ben Larson, a temp security guard with a violent past; an old women who is a compulsive thief; Vine McCormick, a mattress salesman; Tony, a former mechanic; and Sarah, a greed encompassed heiress meeting with her lawyer in the building.

Strange happens start to occur beginning with the elevator becoming stuck between floors. Everyone did not get panic or something at the moment. Because they thought that they can get a rescue from someone in the building. Then, after the lights go out, Sarah is inexplicably wounded on her back. Slowly, one by one, the five strangers start to die.

Review: One thing I like about this movie was sin. I really do not care what religion you have but, no matter what you on, we are all sinner. Sometimes, people do not want to show their sin. And sometimes, people kill someone to keep it secret. It is not right in my opinion. If I did something wrong, I have to tell the truth. It is not suppose to be hiding by dark side. In this film, the devil judges what five characters done in the past, which is crime. It is not even close with realistic, however, there are moral. If you get a sin, someone might be come to you and judge what you did. It can be religious problem I guess. But I don’t.


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