Directed by : Jason Blum


    Ethan Hawke

    Juliet Rylance



Sinister is about a true crime writer named Ellison Oswalt (played by a surprisingly good Ethan Hawke), Who has recently published his perceived best seller, and has now hit the slumps, or washed up and hitting the bottle of whiskey. He feels he needs a change of scenery and so he moves his family into a new place. It just so happens that the new placxe is a house that has just weeks ago been the scene of a horrific crime. The plot thickens as we we watch Oswalt find in the attic, an old 8-mm projector and a few reels of super 8 film.

The films all depict murders, five in all, of families being killed brutally and furthermore each one leaving a single child unaccounted for . The main character soon enlists (for lack of a better term) the help of a local police deputy, and a local college professor to help him sift through the details of the film, without actually telling them about them, and soon becomes obsessed, and driven near insane, as the films assault him through dream sequences and terrifying hallucinations and he starts to put the pieces of the slowly emerging puzzle into some semblance of order , as his wife loses patience with him, and his childrens minds, especially his son, who begins being plagued by night terrors, fall victim to the evil influence he has set free..

Eventually we discover that the prescence is an ancient pagan diety named ghoul, known by many other names throughout history , but primarily as the “child eater”. And the main character , after one final phantasmal episode, decides he has had enough, burns the projector and the film, and he and his family flee the house, and return home, where everything is back to normal. Or so they think, The young cop from earlier, has found a connection with all the cases, Every family had previously lived in the house where the last murder took place, and each new murder happened shortly after the family moved. And finally the story comes full circle, and just as Ellison realizes it was the missing kids all along who commited the murders, and that mabey he should have a closer eye on his daughter, he succumbs to the poison his daughter slipped him, and the movie ends with their dismemberment via axe, and finally the girl joining the other children in the films, by means of the childeater’s embrace.


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