Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)
Director:Guy Ritchie
Wonderful movie full of action adventure twists and turns. Robert Downey Jr is brilliant. This movie uses wonderful cinematography including the bullet technique also implemented in the Matrix.  I enjoy the scenes where Holmes stops and analyzes his next fighting move as well.
Sherlock is on the case of a lifetime. The criminal mastermind has committed crimes that are piecing together to create a larger crime.
Watson is due to marry his fiance and Holmes uses his stag party to stage a trap for a criminal. After a fight Holmes saves a reluctant woman who’s brother is missing.
Watson and his bride become the target of Professor Moriarty on their trip to their honeymoon. Holmes throws the bride into the river and Watson is dragged into the chase.
They travel to find the gypsies who harbor the reluctant woman. They travel over the German border in order to find him and figure out what Moriarty is up to.
They figure out that the Professor has bought out a weapons manufacture and intends to profit from a war he creates. Further twists and turns with tragedy and injury happen.
We end the movie with Holmes and Moriarty playing chess and falling over a waterfall.
Watson is writing the story of Holmes life only to learn he is still alive.

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