The Clinic (2010)

The Clinic (2010)

Directed by James Rabbitts

When a young Australian engaged couple, Beth and Cameron, decides to go on a road trip to visit Beth’s parents for the holiday, a twist turns their faith when Beth is gone missing and end up on a what look like abandon factory acreage. With Cameron having no idea where his pregnant fiancé went, with all his common sense, he will have to find where Beth is. On the other hand, Beth has to fight for her life in order for her to save her own child.

This is was an interesting film to watch because I like how it is based on true events. However, it kind of bothered be because the main story of this film was about pregnant women and babies. But then again, I guess it is what makes the film interesting. At time the film may be boring but then it instigates me to want to watch it more until I find out what the result of the film is. I didn’t expect the ending of the film to turn out what it is. It surprised me that Beth the main character of the film was not who she expected to be. The surprised for Beth had added another pondering question to the film as well. I like how the director did that but then it also left me hanging and asking for more from the director. Rabbitts, haven’t directed much film, the only other film that he has directed was a short film called “Night Train”, which is also a thriller film. “The Clinic”, fits well into Rabbitts, background of directing so far. It seems like he is more into thrillers and suspense. Watching “The Clinic”, I would say he has got a good start on his career.

The clinic 2


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