ALIEN (1979)

Directed by : Ridley Scott

Starring- Sigourney Weaver

Tom Skerritt

John Hurt

Ian Holm

This movie is a classic, worthy of multiple views even 30+ years later. It is about a large spaceship called the “Nostromo”, that gets invaded by a super aggressive “Xenomorph”, that stalks and kills everyone on board. We begin the movie with the crew, a skeleton crew, waking up from cryogenic stasis, and responding to a strange distress call from a nearby planet .

The landing vessel is damaged when they land to investigate, and in the course of repairs and return to their ship, an alien creature attacks and attaches itself to one of the members of the crew, and then detatches itself from the victim, and is later found dead. The victim “Kane” recovers and seems to be fine. Later the crew assembles for a meal, and Kain starts choking and spasming and suddenly an alien bursts forth from his chest, and escapes into the ship.

This alien finds refuge in the bowels of the giant ship, and grows into a monster, and starts stalking the crew. There is an android o0n the ship among the crew named “Ash”(played by Ian Holm), and it is discovered that the corporation that sent the ship out into space in the first place intends that the alien be brought back to earth, by any means necessary, even at the cost of all human lives aboard the ship. The crew , led by lt. Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver) attempts to flush out the alien, to destroy it, but in the end everybody is killed with the exception of her. She activates the self destruct sequence on board the Nostromo, and manages to reach the escape pod before it explodes.

Thinking the alien dead she sets course for earth, and prepares to enter cryogenic stasis, but soon discovers that the alien has managed to stow away on the escape pod, she quickly dons a spacesuit, and opens the outer hatch, causing massive decompression, that sucks the alien out into space, killing it once and for all.


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