Sucker Punch

sucker punch

Sucker Punch (2011)

Director: Zack Snyder
The story begins with the death of a mother. Babydoll’s stepfather becomes enraged when he learns his wife left everything to her two daughters. In his rage he goes after Babydoll then her younger sister. After he murders her sister he calls the police and blames it on Babydoll who is taken to the asylum.
At the asylum is an unscrupulous orderly who takes a two grand bribe to have Babydoll lobotomized. At this point Babydoll not only slips into a two fold escape into her fantasy world but she formulates an elaborate plan for escape. She convinces Rocket, Blondie, Amber, & Sweet Pea to attempt the escape together.

She gathers what she needs to escape while fantasizing about a dance club for men and slipping into a second fold fantasy of defeating monsters to obtain the items she needs to escape. She is transported to a dojo. At the dojo she meets a man who warns her the lobotomist will come in five days. She is given a katana and a gun and is instructed to find five objects.Upon leaving the dojo she fights three giant samurai and wins.

The girls obtain a photocopy of the institution’s layout and then in Babydoll’s trance she is transported to the WWI trenches where the girls obtain a map after a trench battle in a mech suit. After this they retrieve a lighter from the mayor, whilst in Babydoll’s dream world they retrieve two stones from a killing a baby dragon in a castle. They retrieve the cook’s knife while Babydoll dreams they are defusing a bomb. In the real world the cook kills Rocket.

Blue finds out about the girl’s plot and confronts Babydoll and the girls. He shoots Blondie and Amber. After trying to sexually assault Babydoll, she stabs him with the cook’s knife and takes his key — the fourth element.

Baby Doll frees Sweet Pea and starts a fire. They make their way to the doors which are unlocked because of the fire alarm. Babydoll is recaptured while Sweet Pea escapes. She realizes the fifth item is she needs to sacrifice herself to save her friend. Babydoll is taken back into the institution where she is lobotomized while Sweet Pea catches a bus with the man who helped them in Babydoll’s dreams driving it.

Ultimately Babydoll manages to escapes torment through a lobotomy, but unfortunately could only get one other person out so opts to allow her friend go free and see her family again.


This movie is visually stunning. The scenes where Babydoll escapes into her mind fighting for her existence upon this earth are exciting and well thought out. The overall story not so much. It was as if Zack Snyder had these four short stories in his mind and tried to tie it together with another  story that made no sense at all.
I believe that it would have been better if sold as short stories and the asylum idea was dropped all together for me it detracted from the stunning cinematography.
Not my favorite movie . However it was beautifully done.


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