introduction to film

This going to be an interesting class for me because,of my perspectives and perceptions on how i perceives movie are very profound.When i was a kid growing up in the early sixty,my favorite movies were the James Bonds movies with actor Sean Connery i must have seen each of his movies a least 20 times each,my favorites were Gold Finger,Thunder ball,and Dr.No.I also like Clint Eastwood movie in the late sixty Fist full of dollars,The Good Bad and Ugly these were my types of movies i like when i was growing up,as was getting older i start to lean toward nonfictional movie because of the Civil Right Movement and the opportunity became more prevalence for black actors and directors.Directors likes Gordon Parks who directed the movie Super Fly,Melvin Van Peebles who directed the movie Sweet Backs and Spike Lee who is a Director Producer and Actor as of today has a great influence on movie that has a critical look at race relations and the depiction of the black cultures.Today i just like to watch a good movie however, my preferences is still nonfictional movie, i am just not into the animated fictional types of  movie, i guess its the sign of times with me .I have many favorite actors and actress i think there is an abundance of them, Denzel Washington Samuel Jackson and Al Pacino, Actresses are MerylStreep, Angela Basset and Kim Basinger.


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