Let Go(2011)

  •             Director: Brian Jett
    • Synopsis:  — This movie is about a parole officer who is looking to find happiness even in his own marriage, but he finds the drive to make himself happy by helping his parolees and truely learning a lesson from them. The three people that are on parole have kind of their own side story that help give background on those characters along with connecting to how they got there in the first place and what exactly they are trying to do in order to change and make their lives better.
    • Review:   — The first thing that I really liked about this movie was the location. I myself am from Southern California, so it was really nice to see that it had been filmed in Los Angeles. Something else that caught my attention was the acting. I couldn’t find myself able to look away because I was so interested in what was happening in the movie I felt as if I were really there. For example, Kevin Hart is normally known for being in comedies and being a stand-up comedian, but he played a more serious role in this film and showed that he can have an intense side which got me really concerned with what his character had gone through. I am not sure how this independent film fits in with the rest of the movies that this director had made because I don’t believe I have seen any other films that were made by this director

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