introduction to film

introduction to film.


DIRECTOR:Kristian Levring

This movie is about a tourists group of ten people get lost in the desert in the heart of AFRICAN,when the

bus driver compass become inoperative and they in up in no man land because, now they run out of gas

and has no way of communicating to someone on the outside to get help so ,one of the tourists in the group

decide to take off walking to get help but never return so now everyone is left out in the AFRICAN wilderness

and is waiting to rescue .THIS mix match group of international travel decide to stage an  impromptu production of ” KING LEAR”

with no contact from the outside because it has been days and days and so they decide to act out a play.THIS became a debacle

because now they realize the only thing more fearsome than Mother Nature is human nature that causes the tempers

flare,passions ignite and their hope dwindle.TRYING to survive together while waiting to be rescue became a night mare because

of the differences in personality that  cause an abundances of frustration and hostility among the tourist group,because their patience

was wearing thin.


WHAT i like about this movie was it kept me suspicious and in suspense.NEVER knew what going to happen next, the plot was more about what happen

when you are with a group of people from all over the world and trying to survive in a very hot desert waiting to be rescue and, human nature become

unpredictable and everyone start to act out because of the frustration and it turn into a nightmare.






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