girl interrupted (1999)

Director: James Mangold
Synopsis: Young Susanna Kaysen has to spend time in a mental hospital for overdosing on aspirin. While Susanna Kaysen is the mental hospital she meets an interesting group of girls. All of these girls have some sort of psychological disorder. Susanna befriends Lisa a sociopath that is disrespectful and is known to runaway from the hospital. Lisa is not a great influence for Susanna especially since she wants to leave the hospital.
Review: This was a really interesting movie. All of the characters had so many problems. Some had small problems and others are big. One character I found really interesting was Polly. Polly has two conditions, both schizophrenia and depression. When Polly was eleven years old she got a dog, that she became allergic too. Polly didn’t want her mother to make her give the dog away so she put gasoline on her body and set herself on fire trying to get rid of the rash. I could never imagine setting myself on fire. After watching this movie it really made me think about all the small things that can cause psychological problems. As well as all the different types of problems, such as depression, schizophrenia, social anxiety disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. All of these disorders don’t just start when someone becomes an adult, but they can start at really young ages. So people have to live with these problems all their life or for a good majority of their life.


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