• Director: Kevin Smith
  • Synopsis:  This story is about two guys by the name of Dante and Randall who run this convenience store full of many colorful characters who are constantly in and out. Dante is the main character because most of the movie is focused around him an his life. He doesn’t really know what he would like to do with his life, so he runs the store to make money because he still is very undecided. His girlfriend is always pressuring him to get back into school because he is a very smart character. Some of the dialogue seems very crude and pointless, but a lot of it is to reflect upon how unhappy Dante is with his current lifestyle and how Randall is just trying to push his friend to change and do something that actually makes him enjoy life.
  • Review: I did really like this movie because of how simple it is and how many times it had made me laugh. One thing that I didn’t really understand is why a movie from the early 90’s was filmed in black and white. It didn’t bother me, but I have just been curious as to why they chose to go that route. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who could use a good laugh.

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