Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Director:  Antoine Fuqua

Synopsis:  During a convoy en route to a holiday party, there is a car accident and the President’s wife dies.  Secret Service Agent Mike Banning tried to get her out of the car but she was trapped by her safety belt and he couldn’t get her out, and the car went over a bridge into a river.  The President cannot bear to see Mike anymore because he reminds him of his wife’s death, so he is banished to desk duty.

A year and a half later, the White House is taken over by terrorists and the President and his staff are taken hostage in the bunker at the bottom of the White House.  Agent Banning gains access to the White House and slowly takes out the terrorists one by one.  He makes contact with national security outside the White House, finds the President’s son, who is hiding from the terrorists and gets him to safety, then works with national security to save the President.

Review:  I prefer comedies, so this movie was not what I wanted to see, but to my surprise, I enjoyed it.  I told myself I would try to pay attention to the different shots and angles, but I was so into the movie I didn’t pay any attention!

I really felt for the character Mike.  To be removed from the President’s detail and relegated to desk duty because he reminds him of his wife’s death was so hard for him.  There wasn’t anything he could have done to save the wife of the President.  Watching the White House get taken over was frightening and fascinating.  It was orchestrated extremely well and incredibly creepy.  It was inevitable that Mike was going to be the one to singlehandedly save the day, and the President.  As a woman, I did not enjoy seeing the head terrorist beat on a woman to gain information and I did tear up when the President gave her a direct order to tell him the information he wanted.  I also enjoyed the idea of secret tunnels and passageways in the White House and wonder if there really are some there.

There were a couple of discrepancies that my friend and I noticed.  In the scene following his wife passing, you see the President pick his watch up from his bureau and it is in front of a picture of his wife in the dress from the last night she died.  She died in an accident on the way to a party, before they would have taken pictures.  She would not have worn the same dress twice and that was probably the first time she ever wore the dress, so when did they take the picture?  My friend thinks he would not have had the picture up at 18 months after the accident, but I disagree.

Also, at the end of the movie after Agent Banning has killed all of the terrorists and rescued the President, they walk out of the front door of the White House, just the two of them.  I don’t think that would ever happen, if the President had to be removed from the White House.  He would be removed from another exit, under heavily armed guard.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie.  Just the right amount of suspense and humor.


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