when we were KINGS


This documentary was very special to me because Muhammad Ali grew in my neighborhood in Louisville Ky and i am a big fan of his.This is about Muhammad Ali when at he peak of his career everyone thought he was wash up and the man he was about to fight (George Foreman)at the time was the heavy weight champion of the world and was unbeatable and not to be stop by anyone.The promoter of this fight Don King had set this fight to be fought in Africa, the first time ever a heavy weight fight has been fought on this continent.and the log line of this fight was “Rumble In the Jungle”George Foreman was the heavy favorite in this fight,but when they went to Africa George was not  well receive as Muhammad Ali was, the people in Africa love Muhammad and they were chanting in the the streets Muhammad Muhammad,and George was not received like that at all and this gave Ali the psychological edged and he played it up very well and gave the people what they wanted he even march in the the street with them chanting.This was a psychological blow to George because he did not get this of reception from the people in Africa even thorough everyone had George foreman to win big in this fight included all the sport writers and the other media also.This fight became one of the biggest upset in boxing history because, everyone thought Ali career was over because, he was making a comeback because the  government strip him of his boxing title when he refuse to go to the the military.This end in Ali regaining his title by beating George Foreman and regaining his title as heavy weight champion of the world.                          

What i really like about this movie was the cinematography and originality of the setting of the movie which took place  in Africa,i am a huge Ali fan and watching him beat George Foreman was very  emotional because, i actually did not think he would do it.




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