Face/Off (1997)

Director: John Woo

Synopsis: This movie is about an FBI agent named Sean Archer who is after a criminal named Castor Troy. Castor is responsible for several bombings and the death of the agent’s little son. In order for the agent to be able to figure out what Castor’s plan is for the next bombing he has to go under the knife and take Castor’s physical appearance. While the agent tries to gather some information about Castor’s bombing plot, Castor escapes custody and goes under surgery to look like Sean. This way Castor can get closer to the agent’s family and also FBI thinks he’s Sean.

Review: Face/Off is a very exciting movie. While watching, I was so mad that the agent has to live with a criminal’s face and no one knows that he is an FBI agent. In the meantime, I was so excited to see what happens at the end and there was eventually a happy ending. This is an action & adventure movie which is my favorite kind of movie. What makes this movie more interesting is that an FBI agent takes the face of a criminal. I looked at some of the other John Woo’s work and found out that he is mostly concentrated on directing action movies. He’s definitely a good director for action genre.


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