Warrior (2011)


Warrior (2011) PosterDirector: Gavin O’Connor

Synopsis: This movie is about two brothers, Tommy and Brendan. Brendan is a school teacher who needs money so he won’t lose his home. Tommy is an ex-marine who was also a hero. Tommy returns home to his father where he is trained for Sparta; a mixed martial arts cage fight. The father and sons do not get along with each other due to a problem that happened in their childhood. Both of the brothers trained for the Sparta tournament and fought each other for the winning spot.

Review: Looking at the trailer of the movie, I wasn’t too excited to see it. But after watching it I can say that it was a great movie! What I liked about this film was the fighting. I am the kind of person who loves to see fights, so it was interesting for me. It had a quite a confusing but touching story to it. The parts of the movie where the father was trying to come back to his sons and be a better father were the shots that were touching. I can see that he really wanted to be a better father but his sons didn’t forgive him for what he did in their childhood. I think that the ending was a shot that everyone will enjoy when the brothers show a little love for each other after a brutal, heart breaking fight. If you’re into MMA fighting you will love this movie. They had some crazy cage fights! The thing I didn’t like was how sad it made me feel about the sons not treating his father nicely. I also didn’t like how sad the part was when the brother beat each other up for a money prize. It showed just how in the real life there are brothers who will beat and possibly kill their brother for something. Overall the sadness was supposed to be part of the movie and the director did a great job on making me show emotions.


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