Super Size Me (2003)

Super Size Me (2003)

Director: Morgan Spurlock

A documentary by Morgan Spurlock on the unhealthy fast food industry. He decides to prove his point that fast food is unhealthy by eating nothing but McDonald’s food for 30 days and if asked if he wanted his order super-sized, he would always say yes. He first goes to three different doctors for a thorough check up. The doctors stated he was very healthy and fit with the proper weight for his height. During this time he is also interviewing others who work to educate America about the dangers of fast food, such as a former Surgeon General, David Sacher, who was first to focus on the problem of obesity in America calling it a national epidemic. After the thirty days, he again had a thorough physical exam. Watch it to see what the results showed.

Super Size Me was a very interesting film. I was intrigued by the detail the filmmaker used to make his point. He interviewed some really important people, as well as some that really didn’t want to talk to him, such as those working in the public school lunchrooms. Mr. Spurlock put a lot of thought and work into this documentary and told his story in a way that truly keeps you engaged. I would recommend this documentary to everyone, especially those who are unaware of the real dangers of a steady fast food diet.


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