Film: The Impossible (2012)


Director: Juan Antonio Bayona

Synopsis: A film about a family Maria (Naomi Watts) & Henry (Ewan Mcgregor) along with their three boys. The take a vacation on an island also doing work at the same time while they struggle to keep their family in tact. A sudden natural disaster hits their way and the lose touch of one another amidst the chaos. Suddenly the meaning of “family” played an epic significance in their lives; stranded in a place where they can’t understand or speak English. Before all was too late, fate has given them another chance to be reunited.

Review: The film was very heartwarming. I really appreciated how the actors & actresses made it a very realistic event. How you can be completely lost in a world you don’t know and suddenly your family is all you’ve really got. The experience I’m sure hits close to home for many people who’ve been thru natural disasters like the hurricane Katrina, for example; but this film was based in Thailand. What I really loved the most about this film is to never lose hope. Even when you think that there is none, there’s still that positive light down the way. I was glad to see that Naomi Watts survived the event in the film, her character. I would probably give up. This film is truly inspirational.


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