To Sir, With Love (1967)

Director: James Clavell

Synopsis: The story is about a man named Mark Thackeray who gets a job as a teacher in a school. After meeting the kids, Thackeray finds out that they are very tough and don’t get along with their teacher. Thackeray also learns that the kids made their last teacher to resign. Thackeray decides to put all his effort and try to stay with the kids. Whatever Thackeray does, the kids make fun of it but he tries to remain calm. Along the way, Thackeray not only teaches them what they need to learn but also humanity and how to respect each other. At last, the kids appreciate him for everything he teaches them and for the fact that he helps each of them to be a better person.

Review: I really loved this movie for its content. This movie shows how different behaviors influence people. I like the way Thackeray treats the kids and tries to solve their problems instead of just ignoring them. Sometimes people just need someone to lead them to the right direction. I believe that each person has a good side and a bad side and sometimes they give more value to the bad side by mistake. I think that people can change only and only when they want to, no one can make someone to do something bad or good unless they want to. To Sir, With Love is a movie that will never go out of my mind, because of its amazing story which shows how a person influences other people in a good way.



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