A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)




A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)

Director: John Moore

Bruce Willis, once again playing the tough cop, John McClane, sets off to Russia to rescue his estranged son, Jack. John was unaware that Jack was a CIA operative who purposely went to prison to rescue a man they believed was going to give them evidence against a worse criminal. After rescuing the witness, he escapes from them to steal nuclear weapons materials. John and his son Jack team up to stop this heist.

I love all the Die Hard movies, so when this came out, I had to see it.  It is the 5th Die Hard movie, but to me, they never get old. There was lots of action. There were car chases, explosions, gun fights, a race against time, the story line of good guys vs bad guys, all typical of the action movie genre. There were many twists and turns, keeping the viewer on the edge of their seats.  The interaction between father and son made the film even more interesting. At first, there was animosity from the son toward the father, but as they struggled to catch the bad guys and to stay alive, father and son developed a true respect for each other.


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