Man On Fire

Cover of "Man On Fire [Blu-ray]"

Cover of Man On Fire [Blu-ray]

Director – Tony Scott

Synopsis – Man On Fire follows a former assassin, Creasy, as he is hired to protect a family’s daughter from kidnappers in Mexico. After an awkward start, the assassin turned body guard finds connections with members of the family.

Review – I enjoyed the character development between Creasy and the family’s daughter, Pita. They had been through a number of body guards before Creasy, but the unlikely semi-alcoholic Creasy gained popularity with Pita as he played a large role in helping her with school and outside activities. Along with helping Pita, Creasy must deal with kidnapping attempts which brings the main thriller elements in this film. This involves a few gun fights and interrogation scenes that are executed well by the film’s crew. After the inevitable, Creasy goes on an epic rampage to fill out the duties of his job.


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