How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

How to Train Your Dragon (2010) PosterDirector: Dean DeBlois & Chris Sanders

Synopsis: How to Drain Your Dragon is about a young Viking who lives with his Viking village. His village constantly fights the dragons that try to steal their food away and destroy the village. He seeks out to hunt dragons and falls upon a dragon that becomes his friend. He realized that there is a lot more to the dragons than he assumed.    

Review: I really enjoyed this film because it made me want to have my own dragon. The relationship between the boy and the dragon was something that I think everyone would want. Having your own dragon that you train and fly on isn’t something you always see in animations films. This animation film really stuck out to me. The poor young boy just wanted to become like everyone else and fight dragons but then realized that he can’t kill a dragon. It contained a lot of action with the dragons when they would fight them. There was also a little bit of romance between the young Viking and a girl that later found out his secret. I also found some parts of this film to have comedy but it was rare. Over all it is a great movie to watch together as a family and with kids. It was put together very well. I didn’t find a single thing that I didn’t like about the movie. What made this film interesting is how there were so many different kinds of dragons that look different, with different sizes, colors, etc. Also it was interesting on how he would fight the dragon without actually harming it or killing it. I would definitely recommend this movie.       


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