Mr. & Mrs. Smith(2005)

  • Director: Doug Linman
  • Synopsis: This movie is about two spies, John and Jane Smith, who don’t know each other’s true occupation. They both met in Columbia, where John protected Jane by telling guards she was with him. After that they actually seemed to fall in love with each other quite quickly. Later on in the story both John and Jane are sent to eliminate the same target, where after some research they discover that they were both on the same mission and can’t trust one another. At first they work against each other because they don’t know who the other person really is, but then after they find out that both are wanted dead by their own agency they begin to work together in finding a way out.
  • Review: I think that this a great film. It seems like it could appeal to both male and female audiences because not only does it have action and fight scenes, but there is also a very nice love story that is tied together within this film. I am normally accustomed to seeing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in action films, so I believe that this one fit that genre pretty well. I would recommend this film basically because it has all the elements that are required for a great story, but also contains quality acting that keeps the attention of the audience throughout the entire film

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