When Strangers Click (2010)

Director: Robert Kenner

Synopsis: This film is a documentary about online dating. It tells the story of some individuals who went to find love through online dating websites. Some of the individuals were lucky finding love but some were not.

Review: This documentary is very interesting. I found out that the world of online dating is much bigger than what I thought. One of the individuals talks about an online dating website which is pretty much like a game. You can create your own character and walk your character in a town where you can meet other people. There is only one difference between a game and this online dating website, it is that you meet real people who also play the game in real time. There are actually some individuals who could find the love of their life with online dating. I believe that there is always the truth that when you are talking to someone online there is no way of knowing and seeing who that person really is.


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