Fast Five

Director – Justin Lin

Synopsis – Main characters from the first film in the series, “The Fast and the Furious”, travel to Brazil to find work as they are on the run from law enforcement. After a job goes bad, past characters from the franchise are brought back to execute a job involving Brazil’s biggest corrupt “investor”.

Review – I watched this movie mainly because the sixth film is almost out in theaters and I have never seen this one before, but I have seen all previous films. This film involved a lot of classical editing with some continuity editing thrown in as well. Most of the scenes are cut to once action is ready to start, such as the train scene, which transitioned from a house setting and was the previous day. Being a car fan, it is somewhat easy for me to like this movie, but you have to expect a little bit of action exaggeration in this movie. Not say that it is bad, I actually liked it, but just remember this IS a movie! Main characters Brian O’Conner and Dominic Teretto further develop their bond from the first film by completing small actions leading up to a giant chase scene near the end.

Other characters from the series provide a small part in the overall master plan which gives everyone a chance to see their favorite character. Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) also makes his debut into the series as a special agent officer looking for Terreto and O’Conner. Dialogue between O’Conner and Hobbs should leave a smile on your face each time and provides a nice new rivalry for the series.


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