Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy(2004)

  • Director: Adam Mckay
  • Synopsis: This story is about a man named Ron Burgundy who is the head anchorman for the nightly news in San Diego. He is the highest rated anchorman in the area, and then everything changes once his new colleague Veronica Corningstone comes into town. Ron begins to display feelings for her when at first they are ignored, but after a short time it is apparent that she actually feels the same way that Ron does about her. After having several instances in which they both attempt to sabotage each others news careers, Veronica becomes lead anchor once Ron is forced to take a leave of absence after having been fired.
  • Review:  I think that this is a great movie not only because it has Will Ferrel in it as the main character, but it is a great comedy and a movie that is full of laughs. I wasn’t sure by the title if I had wanted to watch this film, but Will Ferrel really delivers in this film and makes it all come together. I would recommend this movie for those who could use a good laugh. I feel like I could watch this movie multiple times and still find new parts that make me bust out laughing.

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